Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 10 of 60.. I have a dream..

I have a dream.......
That one day I will look in the mirror and see that Christy that I have always wanted to be and look like. A person that looks normal or average as far as there weight proportioned with there height is concerned, Just want to be average. Going on 37 years I have yet to wake up to that Christy. Being an overweight person through jr high and high school was tough on me. I wanted so bad to hang out with the popular crowd, be a cheer leader. As I grew into adulthood I maintained the weight. Years have now flown by, and I really didnt get to start loosing weight until when I turned 30 which was 7 years ago. When I turned 30 years of age I said to myself. How bad do I really want to loose the weight???? and started to realize if I don't something it now its never going to happen. i started to change my eating habits and started to attend a gym almost everyday. I was weighing 245 pounds. For the next year and a half after turning 30 I lost 95 pounds. I slimmed down all the way to 155 pounds. With only 30 more pounds to go to be supposedly considered average weight by the BMi index.. I got pregnant with my 2nd child. . I gained most the weight back, after baby was born I was back to 210 pounds. I was able to drop 20 pounds after the baby and slowly been dropping the weight. My baby is now 3 years old. I have been for the last 2 years trying to get back to loosing the weight of my original goal of 135. I have been loosing the weight very very slow. Right before the competition I weighed in at 183. As you can see its been a roller coaster ride for me. Genghis has come into my life and will help me achieve my goal. By the end of this competition my goal will be to have dropped to 120 pounds. Yes! Finally I will wake up and fulfill my life -long dream. To be able to say , hey you on the mirror , you are looking good and healthy and be able to keep it that way for the rest of my life! This is my... I have a dream speech

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