Monday, February 11, 2013

Day One

Today was a great day! I started the Genghis Grill Khantest today . I got weighed in today at a 183 pounds. I had my very first bowl which comprised of shrimp, turkey and broccoli. I got the large bowl and only managed to eat half of it. I got into a really bad bicycle accident today so I will be skipping the gym tonigh and I'm not too happy. I have fever, chills and the shakes right now. I got 20 stitches on my left forearm and the anesthesia started to wear off this morning. The emergency room did not prescribe any pain medication .. So I'm a little cranky right now. Hope to heal fast so I can kick butt and loose the 60 pounds weight goal I have set for myself. Looking forward for tomorrow. Peace out!

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