Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 21 of 60: Benefits of whole grains

For some years now I have become more health conscious when it comes to eating healthier foods. One of the first things that come to mind that I have changed when it comes to eating healthier is eating more whole grains. Most people know that whole grains are good for the diet. However, they may not be sure what constitutes whole grain foods, or why whole grains are beneficial to the body.

Whole grains contain magnesium, iron, fiber and B Vitamins and other antioxidants.
More and more studies show that returning to whole grains and other unprocessed carbohydrates can improve our health in many ways.
Whole grains help to prevent constipation,
Reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease, offers protection against some forms of cancer, helps protect you from developing type 2 diabetes and eating more whole grains helps you to live longer.
Whole grain foods don't contain just one magical ingredient that can fight disease and improve your health. It's the entire wholesome package working together that gives you all these valuable whole grain benefits. Some of my favorites whole grains foods are whole wheat grain rice, whole wheat breads and whole wheat pastas to name a few even whole wheat pancakes too :-)
Next time you are in the supermarket or in a restaurant substitute something in your plate or add to your shopping list any of my personal favorites and see and compare the nutritional values. You'll be surprise what a big difference it can make in you diet.

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