Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 29 of 60 Opinion Matters

Hi everybody!

Its been really toough for me this week. I seem to have it a wall or plateau as other call it. I have been really good all last week going to the gym more frequent but not loosing the weight as I was in week 1

My Genghis Grill assignment today was to ask my manager what is new or what is the limited time only ingredients in Khan’s Kitchen. Try one of the new/limited time only items and write a blog about what you tried and your opinion on it.

Well after asking Levy who is one of the managers, I found out that my Pembroke Pines Genghis has pulled Pork as an limited time only item in their Khan’s Kitchen. I have seen the pulled pork many times but have never decided to get it before today. I usually stick to my fish or shrimp and/or the turkey. I must say the pulled pork was not bad at all! I enjoyed it alot and would hate to see it leave the menu. Even though I might not have it again during the competition I wouldn't mind haven't it from time to time. 

I wanted to tell Genghis Grill that I love coming to eat here! Your selection of food is amazing. I love coming here and so does my 14 year old son. All my friends love it too! Everyone I have told about Genghis and have made it into the restaurant for a bite, they absolutely love it and you have made them repeat visitors.  Keep up the great work Genghis Grill! Looking forward to my next 30 days! 


Your Genghis Grill Healthwest Khantestant 

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