Saturday, March 2, 2013

How do I handle stress?

I have been asked "How do I handle stress"? That's a very good question. I'm a worrier.. Always worrying about everyone else but myself. In the past when I have undergone a very drastic life changing event, I cope with it my maintaining myself very busy. For a period of time, going back to School has been somewhat of an escape goat for me. Some may find going back to school as added stress but I find it takes me away from my everyday hustle and bustle. As of recent I have also been introduced to cycling. Even though I'm new to the cycling world I see it as a stress reliever. When I'm on the that bicycle nothing else matter. All the worries are gone. All that matters is me on the bike, everything else disappears. When I started riding, my first few rides where 15miles. I would of never guessed I could do 15 miles on a bike. My most challenging ride was riding from downtown to over the Rickenbacker causeway down to the end of the lighthouse and back to downtown. That was a 30 mile ride!!!! I would see people go over the bridge in my car and would say to myself wow wish I could do that one day. I can now proudly scratch if off from my to do list. Can't wait for my next bike ride. What to conquer next?? Hmmmm the possibilities are endless .. Everyone handles stress differently, as long as you find a stress reliever that works for you anything is possible. We all need to have a positive outlook in life. No matter how bad you think you have it there's are people out in there that have it 10x worse than you. Live . Love. Be happy.

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