Friday, March 15, 2013

Who Do I Admire

Today I interviewed someone really dear to my heart today. This person has a lot of wisdom and has always is there for through the good, the bad through everything.

I have approach this special person in regards to My healthkwest journey and ask hi, some questions. I told him that him that I'm not too happy with my results especially after the midpoint weight in and asked him for some advice, insight and inspiration for the remaining days of my Health Kwest journey. His advice was, child as long as you are giving it all you have that's all that matters. I also asked him to give me some inspirational quotes that he has lived upon throughout his life and some life experiences. Here are some of my questions and his replies:

1. What is a quote you live by? Live life with no regrets . Live the moment don't dwell on yesterday.

2. When given a life challenge, how do you face it? Head on, do not hesitate and go with your 1st gut instinct and you'll be just fine.

3. How do you make sure you stick to the "goal"? He replies honey take it one day at a time. Write down your goals and make sure they are obtainable and don't go setting crazy goals which will lead you down a road of rapid weight loss which will not be healthy for you in the long run. He tells me I'm beautiful just the way I am and it doesn't matter if I dont win the competition because I am already a winner!
I gave him a great big hug kissed him and said..... Love you DAD!!!!

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